Hana Kosová

Charles Univeristy


UK, Centrum pro přenos poznatků a technologií

Combining her legal background with extensive professional experience from diplomacy, project management for United Nations Development Programme and the Czech-UNDP Trust Fund, several roles in public and private sectors and NGOs in the Czech Republic, United Kingdom and other countries, Hana has now been long occupied with innovation projects and the university – industry cooperation.

Since 2011 Hana has been working with Charles University, managing pre-seed and proof of concept projects and continuously building University Innovation Network, becoming a director of the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Charles University in 2016. In 2018 Hana completed with her team establishing of a subsidiary company Charles University Innovations Prague. The Centre led by Hana now also manages activities in Kampus Hybernska – a flagship partnership with the City of Prague dedicated to innovation and the so called “third role” of the university focusing on external relations, social impact and visibility of the academic research.

Hana helped to shape the professional Czech national association providing a useful tool to cultivate knowledge and technology transfer environment where she remained as a board member. As of May 2019 Hana has been elected to become a vice-president of the international association of technology transfer professionals ASTP where she took on the agenda of National Associations Advisory Committee.