Štěpán Húsek

Technology Innovator



Štěpán is a technology enthusiast excelling in combining the latest technologies with the needs of aspiring businesses from financial services to e-commerce and the automotive sector. His deep technical knowledge coupled with his understanding of client business needs and the latest trends make him an advisor trusted by many executives seeking guidance with navigating their digital transformation journeys. In his current position, he is responsible for innovation, vision and strategy, product development, sales, and building competencies and managing the Financial Services Technology services practice. Štěpán has hands-on-experience with managing complex delivery teams. In addition, he leads the Open Banking technical community and helps develop technology practices across Deloitte Central Europe. His responsibilities include strategic technology partnerships and identification of technology startups matching the needs of corporations keen to innovate their services or business models. The beginning of Štěpán’s career is closely connected with two technology startups – Systinet and the e-commerce technology provider Schemantix. At Systinet he was responsible for delivery, product development and innovations, and as software engineer at Schemantix, he designed innovative products. Before joining Deloitte, Štěpán worked for IBM as a Client Enterprise Architect and led the CEE Banking Technical Community. Štěpán also has experience running his own family business.