Tom Cwik




Driven by being a creative leader, his goal is to build tech systems that accomplish the next-to-impossible. Systems that push the limits of what is feasible but meet well-defined goals. This compels building high-performance teams, tightly connected that can reach into key networks of expertise and resources to succeed, growing team members and leaders who develop ever increasing bandwidth across technical fields, and become conversant with and can assess developments outside their specific expertise, building tech systems to the next threshold of capability while maintaining scalability to the very large and working with and advising sponsors and a range of stakeholders to raise capital and meet goals.

This has been learned and demonstrated through a range of projects including building the world’s largest parallel computing software system for electromagnetic scattering related to military aircraft, at the time when high-performance computing was in its infancy, leading a team to develop the NASA Aquarius flight mission definition and proposal, leading to selection for flight development and on-orbit science operations, being a founding member of the start-up company M-Factor (acquired by DemandTec and then IBM), a data analytics company exploiting high-performance computing for optimized marketing investments.

Behind the scenes, I need to be hands-on with at least one project, surround myself with diverse people with a range of perspectives, mentor and learn, and sustain the passion.

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