Zoltan Vardy

The Launch Code


The LaunchCode

Zoltan Vardy is a startup mentor and speaker who helps B2B tech founders sell and market to
enterprise customers by applying his sales and marketing blueprint called The Launch Code.

The Launch Code is built on the principles, tools, and techniques Zoltan used to close $2 billion in
B2B sales over his 30-year global career as a C-suite executive, entrepreneur, and investor.

Zoltan has helped 200+ startups in 26 countries to build predictable revenues by sharing The Launch
Code via a personal mentoring program, group workshops, and an on-demand course.

Zoltan was formerly Sr. Vice President/ Global Sales at NBC Universal International, and a regional
CEO at Germany’s ProSiebenSat1 Media. He helped launch a dozen international media and tech
businesses and has had successful exits as a founder (eEuropeMedia) and as an investor (Brainient).
He also serves as chairman of enterprise loyalty SaaS technology, Antavo.

He was born and raised in the US and divides his time between London and Budapest.