Kate Syslova

Head of Comms


Head of Comms

Katerina is the marketing manager/specialist/human at Disraptors. She enjoys transforming complex messages into understandable and exciting forms. She gained experience with this at the European Space Agency business incubator, working as a content creator for several digital agencies, fishing and guiding in Alaska, and experiencing the learning paradox while studying in the Czech Republic and Indonesia.

Kate enjoys interviewing super-smart, talented, or otherwise protruding people and is a self-described hunter-gatherer of stories and new knowledge. She (thinks she) excels at creating unprecedented metaphors and sometimes will surprise her colleagues with new words and expressions, of which only about fifty percent are made up. Kate also shockingly often uses startup newspeak (in a non-Orwell way) in various idioms and movie phrases, a few examples being: “One pitch to win them all”, “Veni, Vidi, VC”, and her personal favorite “I feel the need, the need for seed”. She usually ends up laughing while others wait for an explanation and nervously look around.

You can meet/see her drowning while surfing, rock climbing, or on her bike Duchess. You probably won’t be able to see her while reading, writing, or watching an endless number of movies, even though she does that all the time, because it’s not cool enough to be put on socials. Her dreams are to hitchhike through the galaxy, see a pterosaur, and happily fiddle her work-life balance.

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