Tereza Kopecka


Marketing Specialist

Meet Terka.

If you have learned anything about Disraptors from social media, it is mainly thanks to Terka & Dominik. Terka is responsible for creating the content plan for our social media platforms, and Dominik brings it to life.

Terka has been involved in everything related to marketing for over 10 years, quite literally. She started as an event marketer and gradually moved into copywriting, social media management, content planning, and marketing strategies. Occasionally, she also writes press releases. As a freelancer, she works with several companies across industries.

When she’s not sitting at her computer and creating texts, you can find her in nature or doing sports. During winter, she spends weekends skiing, snowboarding, or ski touring. In summer, you’ll find her cycling, rollerblading, or conquering mountains. Besides that, she loves traveling, especially for good food.