Vera Kubatova

Head of Public Relations


Head of PR

Meet Vera.

If you ever read any article about SWCSummit and Disraptors, guess who was behind. Vera is responsible for getting the SWCSummit news to the public via traditional media. Her field is online and print media, radios, and TVs.

Although Vera originally planned to study French and graduated in International Relations, she soon realized that she would like to focus on public relations instead. “PR is probably our family diagnosis, which I inherited from my mother – former spokeswoman. I started working in a PR agency before I finished my 3rd grade at the university, and it was love at the first sight. It’s been almost 20 years and I still can’t imagine I would do anything else… except for my secret passion for hairstyling,” says Vera.

As a freelancer, she specializes in corporate PR and copywriting. Occasionally she moderates press conferences and other events and together with her husband, who is also PR specialist, she organizes media trainings.

When she is not typing on her laptop, you can meet her running in Brdy (where she lives) or hiking with her family in Giant Mountains (where she grew up). She loves to pump adrenalin into her veins by skiing (fast), wild water canoeing or rock climbing. In the summertime, when everybody goes to the see, she prefers pushing her limits by climbing ferrates or alpine hiking on glaciers in Switzerland.