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BLOG #6: Tom Cironis: “The Program is sharping up nicely.”

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When you’ve done an event three times, it’s tempting to claim the fourth instalment will be even grander, with speakers who’ve sold even more millions of copies of their bestsellers, and for startups that have even higher ambitions.

But if you’ve been to one or more of the past Startup World Cup & Summits, you know this isn’t what we’re going for. All our events follow a mission we establish before we even start thinking about the program, the venue, or the speakers.

With the SWCSummit 2020, we aim to wake Europe up and make the “Old Continent” competitive again – and we kicked off preparations accordingly.

Tomáš Cironis, Director of SWCSummit

Instead of “injecting steroids” into last year’s program, we started planning this year’s event based on the feedback we got from you – the visitors, speakers, investors, corporate captains, startups, journalists, and students. We’re leaving out what didn’t work, adding more of what proved highly successful, and making adjustments to create an even smoother SWCSummit experience for everyone.


Tomáš Cironis
Director of Startup World Cup & Summit

Adjustment number one – look forward to more events outside the Summit, networking opportunities, contacts, and leads! SWCSummit’s networking will be powered by a new app, Eventee, and the networking zone at the venue will be more spacious than last time.

Speaking of venue, you might have noticed we’re moving the Startup World Cup & Summit to Pragovka, which we believe offers the best of everything we need: it’s awesome, easily accessible, just the right size for an event of our scale, and, last but not least, allows plenty of daylight to get in throughout the day. You can’t imagine how drained people are after a full day at an event with no windows. On top of that, the entire SWCSummit will take place on one floor, so no more burning legs after walking up and down stairs from morning till the afterparty ????


We’ve also made some changes to the event’s program. Your feedback showed us that it was difficult for some people to choose between A and B. Will I go to the main stage and listen to a keynote speaker, or should I join a discussion table with my favorite entrepreneur? We’re working hard on eliminating this. Sometimes it feels like playing tetris with time slots, but I’m positive we’ll manage to reduce the “program collisions” and enable you to experience everything you came for.

The next Startup World Cup & Summit is getting really close, so we’re already knee-deep in putting the entire event together. Make sure you follow our blog or social media to stay updated, as we’ll be announcing keynote speakers and more!